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To thrive in the face of stress, recovery is key



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Stress Management Keynote Speaker
Adam Markel


To thrive in the face of stress, recovery is key


Stress doesn’t kill us, it’s lack of recovery that kills us.

– Adam Markel, Keynote Speaker

The skill of managing stress is lacking in a big way in the workplace. Individuals are still working in exhaustion mode; expected to get it all done, early and under budget. Not to mention, they are expected to do more with less and less at work while juggling families and even health conditions. This leads to absenteeism, dis-ease in the body, distraction at work, poor engagement and sub-par performance. This simply compounds stress.

Stress management keynote speaker Adam Markel believes a lack of recovery is the culprit in negatively impacting health, lives and productivity in the workplace. For example, when we’re under pressure to produce a higher standard in order to open growth opportunities, we tend to “double-down” and work even harder. What’s required is to actually ‘manage’ the stress. This doesn’t mean get rid of stress, because individuals and businesses need some stress to reach a growth edge and eventually become more resilient.

Adam’s stress management keynote components revolve around resilience training. He shares ideas for recovery, which includes rituals and a process for recognizing, handling and dealing with stress that is normal, natural and key to growth and stress that is not and should be eliminated. He believes organizations and individuals can learn how to recover in proportion to the amount of stress they are handling by getting recovery systems in place that allow them to come back to their tasks and deliver again and again. It’s a little bit like plugging in a weary and run down laptop. Once it’s got its juice back, it’s ready for work again.

Create Rituals for Resilience

Stress is a major factor in organizational challenges and recovery is the unsung solution. Stress can affect everything from decision-making capability to employee turnover. With an ever present level of stress, it’s vital that leaders develop the ability to not only perform under stress, but to create rituals for recovery. We are only as good in responding to work-life demands as our energy level, Adams says, and self-care is not self-ish, but is required to perform at our highest levels

Adam as a Stress Management Keynote Speaker

Stress Management Means Building Higher Performance Capacity

Through stories you’ve never heard and will never forget, stress management keynote speaker Adam Markel shares the critical factors necessary to build higher performance capacity and resilience. Your attendees will leave this engaging and experiential keynote talk understanding:


  • How to redefine the culture of the “corporate warrior” to maximize sustainable performance.
  • The myth of exhaustion, the real cause of burnout and what to do about it.
  • A three-part Resilience Regeneration process to accelerate recovery and boost effectiveness.
  • A Resilience Kickstart Kit with actionable strategies and rituals to strengthen workplace capacity.
One of the best things about Adam is that he puts stories together in a meaningful way, everything from resilience and how to become more resilient, and then helps you unpack them and put them into actionable steps. You will love him and you will appreciate him!

-Jeremy Parks, CEO cityCURRENT

The Power of the Brain in Stress Management

In this episode of the Conscious PIVOT Podcast Adam talks with guest, Dr. Rick Hanson, a psychologist, New York Times best-selling author and Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Rick and Adam talk about the power of the brain in acquiring knowledge and guiding us through our daily experiences.You’ll be amazed at the power your brain holds.


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