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Listed as one of Huffington Posts top speakers to see, Adam Markel has redefined what it means to manage change, enroll your employees, grow your sales and lead from the heart. He is one of the world's most in-demand reinvention experts and the best selling author of PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career & Life.

Adam's extensive experience in both business and on global stages translates into a powerful experience for any audience. He uniquely integrates self-development and business mastery to inspire, motivate and empower accelerated success. Adam tailors his talks to meet the needs and goals of both the event organizers and audience. His number one goal is the delivery of relevant substance to an audience: skills, tools, strategies, and practices they can use outside the event setting to achieve sustainable results. Adam's talks are interactive, engaging, high energy, and inspirational. He employs "accelerated learning techniques", such as exercises, processes, and suggestology, resulting in participants learning faster and retaining more of what they learn.

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Purpose Driven Leadership

5 Degree Shift in Direction

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Kind words from Scott Seigal after Adam spoke at one of his events.

Adam's Speaking Topics

Adam tailors all of his talks to the specific goals of the events and the needs of the audience. Here are a few core messages that have created positive ROI for individuals and businesses around the globe.


Stress is a major factor in organizational failures. As the pace of disruption and competition continues to increase, it is vital that leaders develop the ability not only to perform under stress, but to thrive in the face of it. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study comparing high performance athletes to high performance executives found that a key characteristic of high achievers was the rituals they created to recover more quickly from stress. In this highly engaging keynote talk, Adam will share the critical factors necessary in building high performance capacity and resilience. Your attendees will takeaway:

  • Enable your teams to not only embrace change, but lead business transformation
  • Operationalize innovation while still meeting the demands of stakeholders
  • Remove the fear of failure for disruptive ideas
  • Create incentive systems that reward those that challenge the "status quo"
  • Empower employees at every level to make change happen
  • 3 key strategies to cultivate resilient and unstoppable teams


Disruption is something we have come to expect more and more. If your organization is not prepared to manage and make the most of change, or is married to the status quo because the cost of failure is perceived as too high, your days are probably numbered. In fact, 88% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are no longer in business. Constant and never ending innovation is the key to sustainable success. Our ability to reinvent and innovate - what Adam refers to as "pivotability" - is critical to business longevity. Without a pivot-ready culture, businesses run the risk of mediocrity creeping in, threatening an organization's long term profits and even its very survival.

Through a combination of foundational principles, case studies, stories, and interactive exercises, Adam will initiate a conversation that helps your team understand:

  • How to enable your teams to not only embrace change, but utilize it effectively
  • What "out of the box" really means and what it requires to implement
  • How to build resilience into your organization for long-term growth
  • How to prevent toxicity and turnover by aligning company goals with employee fulfillment and growth
  • Create incentive systems that reward those that challenge "status quo" results


Why do people vie to work with Google and Zappos? Because it is an opportunity for them to be transformed and grow - not just be another worker bee. People want to be purpose driven in their work and don't want to give up 60 hours a week without having something in it for them other than a paycheck. In today's competitive marketplace, the more engaged and connected employees are to their work, the less likely they will be looking for other employment and the more effectively they will perform in their current role.

In this highly energetic and insightful presentation, Adam reveals:

  • Why typical employee engagement strategies are no longer effective
  • How leaders can cultivate employee trust, buy-in, and innovative expression
  • 5 steps to creating a team of self-responsible and intrinsically-motivated leaders
  • How to develop an unstoppable collaboration model
  • How to use healthy conflict to get 100% team buy-in
  • 3 key ingredients to developing organic accountability and integrity


The traditional model of sales is to "always be closing", but the fact is that high pressure tactics no longer work in today's sophisticated and competitive marketplace. Rather than concentrate on simply closing deals, organizations and entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to emphasize meaningful communications that effectively increase sales through strong word-of-mouth referrals, repeat business and building relationships.

In this interactive and engaging talk, Adam will share:

  • 3 ways to double sales through authentic relationship building
  • How to break sales records using the Heart of EnrollmentTM system
  • The keys to avoid the pitfalls of the outdated "closing" paradigm
  • 5 steps to open and maintain long term buying relationships
  • Customer care strategies that drive improved sales retention
  • Communication skills that reveal what your client and the market is craving


A great leader models what they teach and preach. They model through their actions, not through just their words or promises. When they don't, their team won't trust them and a lack of buy-in occurs - which can lead to dreaded turnover and toxicity. Too often, team members themselves abdicate opportunities for leadership by not owning results and self-accountability. An organization with a powerful "Leadership Quotient" is one in which the vast majority of team members are true leaders by modeling self-responsibility themselves. When they do, both leaders and team players become super performers.

In this highly engaging and experiential presentation, Adam shares:

  • The 3 E's to raising the standard of integrity in the workplace
  • How to raise the Leadership Quotient organization-wide
  • 5 steps to cultivating a culture of personal accountability and effective self-leadership
  • Creating and utilizing Codes of Honor to improve team performance
  • How to learn their MVP's value and what drives them in their lives and work

Who Will Benefit From Adam's Message

Corporate Audiences

Corporations must innovate or die. The keys to innovation lay within a corporation's ability to effectively creating a clear vision, motivating employees through purpose-driven leadership, and successfully utilizing the principles of change management.


A solid foundation is critical to the success of every aspiring and current business owner. The PIVOT process provides entrepreneurs with a roadmap and tools to create a strong and thriving business and lifestyle; one that is congruent with their goals and the markets they serve.

Career Services Professionals

Economics, technology innovation, changing worker demographics and definitions of value and success have shifted the landscape of the job market. Adam presents tools and strategies that career placement professionals can use to arm their clients with the skills to handle and adapt to what is ahead. Ultimately, this better serves their corporate clients by ensuring a better employee fit and reducing the impact of the expensive terrible T's: Turnover and Toxicity, having a direct hit on their bottom line.

Anyone Serious About Growth & Maximizing Their Potential

PIVOT is a framework for recognizing and maximizing your true potential. Whether your goal is a flourishing business, optimizing your career and lifestyle, or stepping up your contribution to the world, the PIVOT principles are the tools you want.

Adam's Impact

We enjoyed having Adam as the keynote speaker at our District Manager Engagement Conference. Adam's talk provided a great foundation for the conference, inspiring attendees to engage in a productive learning experience throughout the week. His presentation was insightful, relevant, and reinforced our key messages and goals. The way Adam engaged our District Managers kept them invested, as well as ensured they got meaningful and actionable takeaways.
Jack in the Box Leadership Team
Adam's Pivot session with us was terrific - compelling, high-energy and thought-provoking. After an initial few minutes of discomfort - 'oh gosh, you mean I have to participate?' - folks really got into it, and told us later how much they appreciated the interactivity. Three weeks later, I'm still hearing 'thank you' from our members!"
Candice Sherman

Interim CEO, Northeast Business Group on Health

Hearing Adam Markel speak is a life changing experience. With so many voices in the realm of personal development, Adam's message stands out. His humor, heart centered caring about his audience, and his offering of real world tools for transition and transformation make him the best speaker I have ever encountered."
Vivian Nesbitt

SAG/AFTRA, Nationwide Public Radio Host

Host of Art of the Song, heard nationwide in public radio

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