Heart of Enrollment Programs

Magnify Your

Public speaking is one of the best ways to help more people, develop your business, and grow personally and professionally.


A series of LIVE masterclasses, supported by an amazing community, where you’ll gain the tangible tools for speaking
to magnify your message, broaden your impact and accelerate the growth of your business.

Heart of Enrollment Level 1

The series starts with Level 1 – an interactive, 3-day intensive where you’ll learn and practice the skills of a highly successful, heart-centered speaker, teacher and transformational leader. With 1-on-1 coaching from Adam and the PIVOT team, plus powerful feedback from your classmates.

  • 3 Day Masterclass LIVE, In Person

Prerequisite: None

Heart of Enrollment – Level 2

Building on the skills and techniques from level 1, this next level course focuses on creating your Legacy Talk and the foundation for your signature Keynote. You’ll also learn how to utilize advanced suggestology and experiential processes to uplevel your live and virtual talks and trainings.

  • 3 Day Masterclass LIVE, In Person
  • (2) Live Virtual Classes

Prerequisite: Heart of Enrollment Level 1

Heart of Enrollment – Level 3

Further refine your authentic voice and master your delivery. You’ll turn your Legacy Talk into one fit for a TEDx stage and further development the components for your signature Keynote. Finally, receive strategic coaching on marketing yourself and your speaker brand.

  • 4 month program
  • 12 Live Virtual Classes
  • 2 1/2 day Masterclass LIVE, In person

Prerequisite: Heart of Enrollment Level 1 & 2