The Change Proof Podcast

Life isn’t always going to be what you expect… What if that was a good thing? Every single day you wake up, you face change, uncertainty, stress. Become Change Proof and easily use each one of those to your advantage. Resilience is the key and the thing Change Proof host, Adam Markel, knows best. Enjoy insightful discussions with Adam and leaders and innovators who share breakthrough guidance to fully embrace new opportunities and master today’s disruptive marketplace.

Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Become Change Proof!

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Episode Blogs

From Tragedy To Triumph: Habits For Unbreakable Resilience With Dr. Peter Neiman

  Have you ever felt completely broken? Like life threw you a curveball you never saw coming, and you don't know how to pick yourself up? This episode will give you the tools you need to bounce back, no matter...
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Rethink Your Workforce: From Pandemic Chaos To Thriving Culture With Niki Avraam

  Join us as legal entrepreneur and workplace and leadership expert  Niki Avraam dismantles outdated office norms. Discover how pre-pandemic structures, pandemic pivots, and the new normal all shape a future of belonging and empowerment. Learn the essential skills (beyond...
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The Power Of Awareness: The Key To Unlocking Compassion With Monk Yun Rou – Replay

  Awareness acts as the key that unlocks the door to mindfulness and compassion. It's like the foundation upon which these qualities can blossom and truly impact our lives and the lives of others. Join Adam Markel as he talks...
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