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From entrepreneurship and leadership – to purpose and spirituality – the Conscious PIVOT Podcast is the place for powerful insights, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully reinvented some area of their business and personal life. Gain greater insights to navigate your own pivot, learn how to fully embrace new opportunities, increase your performance, master the art and science of innovation and resilience, and love your life!
Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Let your pivot begin!

Episode Blogs

PR 039 | Radical Responsibility
Reinvention is a response moment where you are given the option to access a greater consciousness that can lead to a life of joy. Yet, the life of TEDx speaker and Prison Break author Jason Goldberg didn’t start with joy but with a lot of anger. As a kid, Jason was constantly looking for a person to blame. This weighed heavily on him, even when he was living a great life with a great wife, family and
PR 038 | Cryptospace Sex
An award-winning filmmaker prior to her marriage, Adryenn advises business on how to utilize the crypto blockchain. However this pivot is just one of the many she made along the road of becoming a better version of herself. One such pivot came after a two year court battle related to her husband’s former marriage. Throughout this, Adryenn learned how to stand and fight for social justice by presenting her argument in a way that people
PR 037 | Peace Mission
The world can become a peaceful place one person at a time. If people can find their inner peace, they can always choose kindness and compassion. And then this peace spreads like wild fire. When Founder and CEO of Project PeaceOnEarth.Org, Steve Robertson turned 28, he knew he can make an impact by taking that first step to care for others. He started seeking his life’s purpose and didn’t get an answer. After being a
PR 036 | New Year New You
We’ve got the amazing, magnificent, spectacular, vivacious, brilliant, Lisa Nichols. Many of you know her from being a part of Oprah’s shows and Steve Harvey. She’s written a beautiful book, Abundance Now, and of course her work with Jack Canfield on Chicken Soup for the African American Soul. Our conversation was just amazing. It was epic. Lisa gets quite vulnerable about areas of her life where she’s pivoted and the mindset and the actions that
PR 35 | Heart-Based Thinking
Actions may speak louder than words, but staying still and thinking before acting is even more impactful. Once a coach for presidential candidates, Daniel Gutierrez believes that making the heart and ego work together isn’t enough. Heart-based thinking is better because it will create love and compassion that will let you connect to people. Daniel shares how being mindful of your surroundings and being radical can make for meaningful experiences. Get the newest Conscious PIVOT
PR 034 | Case Study
Once again, this episode highlights the successes of one of our PIVOT Incubator family members. My team and I are so blessed to be connected with people of the highest caliber, with the utmost of integrity and with incredible missions that make a difference in the world. Trina is one of those people that we have the honor to collaborate with on many fronts. Trina is an entrepreneur, an Intuitive Medium and mentor who specializes
PR 033 | Finding the Real Me Again
I feel so blessed to be here. I’m really, really reveling in how great it is to be alive and how blessed and lucky I feel to be with you wherever you are at the moment. We’re connected through this podcast, connected through this Conscious PIVOT community and that’s a gift. That’s a gift in my life. I hope it’s a gift in yours as well. I’ve got an incredible guest on the show. I’m
PR 032 | Pure Communications Mastery
I am thrilled, ecstatic, really feeling so good to be with you however it is that you’re consuming this podcast. I want to express my gratitude to you and for us all at the very outset to hit the reset button. We have this opportunity all the time, every moment of everyday to push that reset button. All it takes is a breath. I’m not saying that it’s easy but it is simple. Simple is
PR 031 | Employee Empowerment
It’s a beautiful day. It’s a gorgeous day simply to be alive. I relish this moment to be able to remind myself and to remind all of you, wherever you are, that this is a holy moment. This is a sacred moment if for no other reason than we are alive in this moment, we are breathing in this moment and there are people who are taking their very last breath in this moment. I