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The Conscious PIVOT Podcast

From entrepreneurship and leadership – to purpose and spirituality – the Conscious PIVOT Podcast is the place for powerful insights, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully reinvented some area of their business and personal life. Gain greater insights to navigate your own pivot, learn how to fully embrace new opportunities, increase your performance, master the art and science of innovation and resilience, and love your life!
Join Adam for a much needed dose of energy, HEART and real talk. Let your pivot begin!

Episode Blogs

PR 56 | Skirt Philosophy
The best compliment a salesperson can get is “You really listened to me.” It’s more important to be interested in the client than it is to appearing interesting to them. Before Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a Skirt, learned this pivotal lesson, she worked for a company that sold skirts.  This bitter experience in her early career fueled Judy to create the Skirt Philosophy which helps empower women in the business world. Judy shares her
PR 053 | Magic Wand Principle
If we all had a magic wand, how would we use it and what would we create? Patricia Barnett, a REALTOR®, licensed broker and network marketing business coach believes that within all of us are dreams yet to be fulfilled and opportunities yet to be created. After being diagnosed with a life-threatening health challenge, Patricia created the Magic Wand Principle to empower people to create and fulfill their own dreams and possibilities. She shares her
PR 054 | Taking The Next Step
When starting to grow a business, we start to think that we’re the only one who can get things done properly. Taking that next step in business often means teaching other people about our vision ….. and then trusting them with it. Trusting other people with our vision can be scary, taking you out of your comfort zone. Owner of Leon Smith Publishing, Keith Leon, also known as “the book guy”, learned to let go
PR 054 |Miracles Beyond Medicine
Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross MD, a medical doctor for 30 plus years, shares the miracles beyond medicine that she discovered in her own journey through chronic illness, devastating loss and family addiction. Carolyn shares how learning to think of illness as a call to action prompted her most challenging life pivot. We discuss her process of moving beyond the loss her own identity as a pioneer in the field of women’s medicine and how her
Great leaders that lead themselves, effectively lead others. This is the law of growth that Dennis Shaver has always believed in. Dennis is an American entrepreneur who began his career as an hourly manufacturing employee at General Motors Corporation. He rose through the ranks after earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree, and held key leadership positions with several big companies like PepsiCo and Frito Lay. Dennis grew up on a dairy farm and learned about
PR 51 | Flow State
Keeping every aspect of our lives in perspective is a skill we must learn so that we can achieve that perfect alignment between our intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. David Corbin has learned the ability to see the patterns of this alignment that allows him to be the best he can each day. He shares how his morning rituals makes him enter into his flow state to feel grounded, fortified, and move on to
PR 50 | Trust Your Instinct
Paying attention to your senses is a critical skill to learn for successful investing. Why? Because our senses pick up things that our minds haven’t processed yet, often adding even more important information to our analysis. The father and daughter team of Phil and Danielle Town has mastered the skill of making big decisions in business and investing under tremendous stress by learning to trust their instincts. As a father, Phil has taught Danielle the
In the corporate and business world we learn about certain aspects of relationships like how to be a good team player and how to become a good team leader. Yet rarely do you learn in a work setting how to become a good partner in romantic relationships. Arielle Ford specializes in helping people create meaningful romantic relationships with a focus on how to manifest your soulmate. She shares how she became an expert on love
PR 048 | Mindful Leadership
Mindfulness is a choice that everyone has the opportunity to make – just like making the choice to “consciously pivot”. Mindfulness – or being present in the moment – is critical when you make decisions – especially those that will lead to expanding your life. Dawa Tarchin Phillips, Founder and CEO of Empowerment Holdings is an advocate of mindfulness in leadership. Mindful leadership requires being fully present to, and aware of, the decisions being made