Keynote Topics – Mental Health

Finding Peace & Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Reframing to find opportunity



The mental challenge — and opportunity — is to create harmony in the midst of chaos

– Adam Markel, Keynote Speaker

Building Up Resilience To Take Down

Adam was the keynote speaker at events for General Counsels Conference and the Association of Business & Trial Lawyers . He shared the principles of resilience to reduce the incidence of mental health challenges in the law. Stress induced addictions and overwhelm are major issues facing the legal industry, resulting in higher rates of suicide, depression and substance abuse. As a keynote speaker, he helped lawyers to fulfill their ethical and performance commitments and satisfied a Compliance CLE credit.

Adam’s non-medical definition of mental health is “our ability to find peace and joy while simultaneously managing the trauma of our past and the typical stress of daily living.” Some may call it balance, but Adam refers to it as the concept of harmony–the ability to create peace in the midst of chaos. When we can do that, we find and experience joy. Daily resilience rituals that shift our inner-narrative in a positive and constructive way will increase the likelihood of creating harmony in the midst of uncertainty. A key theme of Adam’s as a keynote speaker is how to live in a state of optimal mental health using the MEPS resilience structure.

Adam as a Happiness Keynote Speaker

Find the Wisdom in the Lesson

As a mental health keynote speaker, Adam strives to guide individuals and organizations in building their well-being and performance capacity. Adam’s resilience practices are tools that help audiences implement their learning with their teams right away. This is an important goal Adam has for his audience as a keynote speaker. An example of this is Adam’s Reframe Model. Participants practice exploring their thoughts, beliefs and interpretations of situations and search for the meaning, wisdom or lesson embedded in that  experience. Ultimately, they learn to adapt or innovate based on exploring the resulting creative opportunities open to them.

As the conference programmer for our General Counsel Summit, I found Adam is everything you want in a plenary speaker. As our opening keynote speaker, Adam set the tone and theme for our event. He delivers his message of resilient leadership with energy, humility, and wisdom. Adam engages the audience right from the start and keeps them engaged throughout. Adam and his team genuinely ensures the experience resonated with our attendees, investing their time to understand and relate to our audience’s challenges and overall goals of the conference.

– Michael Raggiani, Senior Conference Producer, ALM

Building Our Mental Health Resilience

In this episode of the Conscious PIVOT Podcast Adam speaks with Dawson Church, award-winning author and founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare. They discuss applying recent breakthroughs in energy psychology to improve our health and personal performance. Dawson imparts wisdom on neuroscience and gives us his thoughts on controlling our consciousness and building our mental health and resilience muscle.


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