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Business Mentoring Programs

Working with Adam will give you an incredible edge.

Business Mentoring Programs

Working with Adam will give you an incredible edge.

Whether you’re looking to reinvent some aspect of your life, achieve a breakthrough year in business, or catapult your speaking, Adam Markel is the one to get you there.

Mentoring Specialities

  • Reinvention & Embracing Change
  • Speaker Development & Mastery
  • Achieve clarity on your platform and business
  • New Business Creation & Startup
  • Sales and Business Development Mastery

Testimonials: Adam Markel as a Speaker


“Why guess when you can learn from one of the globe’s masters? Adam was instrumental in guiding me to write the most powerful speech I have ever written. His practical knowledge combined with his heartfelt teaching style were just the catalysts I needed to move myself from “she’s a good speaker” to “who the heck is that up there on stage??” status. If you are looking to master on-stage presence, effective communication and impactful messaging, do not hesitate…”

Katerina Cozia

Media Specialist & Talk Show Host


“Working with Adam was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My return on investment has been 10-fold! His step-by-step approach gave me a road map to uncover my blind spots AND embrace them! I started a new business, gained more confidence with my clients, got clear on my purpose and fell in love with myself! I don’t know where I’d be without Adam’s guidance. I can honestly say that I am the best version of myself because of working with him!”

Trina Watton

Co-Founder, Blumvox Studios, Intuitive Medium


“Over the past 4 years I have invested over $300k in coaches and growing my company. Working with Adam has been the best investment I’ve made. Adam was able to give me a long term perspective on my business and skills to track the most important things to help the business scale. He also went above and beyond to show that I…



Tyler Watson

President, Freedom Catalyst


“Adam’s mentoring program has been PHENOMENAL! He has helped me grow to that next level in all aspects of my business — both coaching and speaking. It has been session after session of breakthroughs. From nuts and bolts details including my web site and lead magnets to keeping my mindset in optimum state, Adam is THE BEST! Truly one of the best (if not THE best) investments I have made in 2020! Thank you!”

Meridith Alexander

Bestselling Author / Mindset Expert / Motivational Speaker / Transformational Coach / Powerhouse Quantumpreneur

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